Case studies

Building an “R to C” (Research + development to consumers) Business Model

AMglass Happy Valley Project

The AR Magic Paradise Project co-created by Pacific Future and Happy Valley is going to start in the Happy Valley in Shenzhen and Beijing, 2500 pairs of AMglasses will be provided, visitors would be able to see 400 different ghosts while wearing the AMglass. The project covers 7 theme parks, 350,000 square meters in total. Pacific Future builds a new record of AR consumption and application again in the world after the project of Malacca AR Project which is designed and implemented by Pacific Future.

In the 7 theme parks, there are two special spaces, “AR· Orphanage myth” and “AR·A Chinese Fairy Tale”. It would be more than horrifying while wearing the AMglass accompanying with the lighting, sound effects, the atmosphere of enclosed space and the using of the props. Shenzhen Happy Valley also sets a AR interactive area, Armageddon, player can actually feel the zombies walking around them, they can also shot and kill the zombies using the bows and arrows, and breaking out the war.

The AR model will be applied to the Happy Valley in other cities within 1 to 2 years, and Pacific Future will lead the AR+ paradise model to the countrywide for bringing visitors a wonderful travel.

AI+World cultural heritage·Melaka

Malacca is not only a multi-cultural center, but also the oldest ancient city in Malaysia. Every street and every building has a long history of the ancient city context. Malacca’s distinct town--Malacca·AI City Space Technology incorporates the AI software technology research and development system into the Head Display software and hardware integrated equipment, to create the world's first "history, navigation, guided tour, shopping, experience" in one of the AI Travel Scenic Area.

Melaka receives a total of 16 million visitors, of which Chinese made up 10% of the total, and it is growing rapidly. At present, our AMglass only serves 2 million people. It is embedded in the Melaka building through “Technology+ Culture+History”, and uses AI to set up time and space telescopes. Breaking the boundaries of humanities and cultures where one person sees limitations in the inherent space, so that every visitor can “reachout”, touch the “invisible”  history through the  "visible" space, showcasing Zheng Ho’s voyages to the Western Ocean, reviving the historical and cultural events of the Silk Road, and helping the future of the digital Silk Road.

AI+Theme Park·OCT Liuzhou Carel Planet

The Carel Planet’s “Mermaid Kingdom·The Mythology” Technology Experience Hall was officially opened to visitors on the Chinese National Day. We integrated the self-developed Perceptual Hardware Layer AMglass as the carrier of the AI algorithm content layer. Spreading it out in the “ customization + duplication” mode for other venues to create the “1+∞” theme park of the Carel Planet. This new style of the cultural tourism is to be applied to five major venues with "the same high-end experience containing a cutting-edge system, legendary re-creation+unlimited multi- technology grafting, tiling, surprising visual interaction, live performances, fun touring guide and much more.

From the tourism data, in 2017, the number of outbound tourists reached 130 million, and the number of domestic tourists reached 5 billion, this indicates that tourism consumption is progressing rapidly. According to statistics, the Carel Planet has 10,000 daily visitors, by combining with OCT Cultural Tourism Technology, the digital culture of "Culture+Tourism+Technology", breaking the existing bad experience of "long waiting time". The breakthrough has solved many operational problems that have been long existed for visitors, such as single playable content and unclear play guides. The new technology has opened up the needs of different age groups for various levels of play. Achieving the industrial structural ecosystem of urban tourism culture and entertainment.

AI+Industrial Intelligence Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry continues to upgrade, and the human-machine collaborative factory comes into reality. AI has become an indispensable technology for the industrial revolution. The collaborative machine/robot cooperates with the Ai3D human software algorithm + AMglass hardware to flexibly perform the same actions of people in real time and undertake trivial, repetitive and unskilled operation. Higher value position will open up for human workers. Interconnected collaboration will enhance manufacturing productivity and innovation.

In an increasingly competitive market, cooperative factory will be more efficient and will also reduce labour costs.At present, the high-risk workers reach approximately 11 million people, the annual work - related injury is approximately 1.1 million, and about 5.5 million people are doing repeated physical labor. AI helps human to perform high - intensity and high - risk tasks. In the next ten years, there will be 3.4 million innovative jobs to help enterprises cope with the challenges such as the increasing integration and complexity of equipment, the lack of operator experience, and so on. To change the original methods of equipment maintenance and maintenance, to improve efficiency and guarantee quality.

AI + Precision Rehabilitation

For sports training and precision rehabilitation, tailor-made solutions and precise motion evaluation are costly and have low matching rate. Our Ai3D human skeleton algorithm measures trajectory and action from ID collection points placed on different positions of human torso, it can clearly capture the angle of swinging arms and the speed of wrist movement, even in the case of high-speed motion. By accurately capture the movements of individuals, we can quantify, analyze and upload to cloud algorithm database to generate data packets to combine with human physiology and physics principles to calculate improvement methods to directly serve the role of a personal trainer.

We can also capture the movements of athletes with poor performance and compare with the movements of excellent athletes to help them train. Ai3D human skeleton algorithm will help sports training/rehabilitation to be freed from the state of pure experience and move it forward to the new theoretical and digital era.

AMreal-Time LightField + AR Application

When the three-dimensional space is combined with the real world, the virtual space cannot match the real-space ambient light, which makes the visual information provided by producers distorted and difficult to achieve user’s satisfaction. It is also difficult for three-dimensional designers to set high-dimensional and complex parameters to the three-dimensional space, unless a depth sensor is used to integrate light into real-space, which result in extra expenditure.

AMreal-time light field algorithm can greatly reduce the production threshold of high-quality game. By integrating it into the game development engine, designers can create high-quality real-time interactive scenes through real-time rendering and streaming. Offering immersive 3D space world for development environments, even on devices without high computing power. It can also createan extremely realistic augmented reality environment for users, solving various problems in development, such as high development difficulty, high hardware matching difficulty and low scene generation rate.