Pacific Future Technology is a comprehensive, accurate and complete global computer science algorithm research and development technology company which featured in integrating light field, image recognition, motion tracking and other algorithms.The company headquartered in Hong Kong, China. The research and development center is located in Shenzhen and Japan. The core team members are from China, Australia, France, Malaysia and other countries. The corporation is providing developers and application development companies with a comprehensive and highly integrated ultimate artificial intelligence algorithm development system, by combining the intelligent engine, the Internet of Thing(s IoT)and the cloud data system.


Kien Lee


Malaysia - Australia

More than 10 years of experience in corporate management. He is specialised in brand operation, marketing and enterprise structure. He used to serve international companies such as Pool Systems and DHL and has spearheaded many multinational projects.

Olivier Fillon

Head of Tech

French - Australia

Oliver specialised in 3-D Visual Technology and in turning business concept into real products that can be marketed. He has worked with BP, BHP, CSIRO and other well known enterprises. He mainly focuses on Computer Vision projects in fields such as healthcare, gaming, communications, finance, mining and the military.


Kenneth Ko


Known for working on the renovation of China's ancient castles and known as the "Father of Interior Design" in Hong Kong, Kenneth acts as a bridge connecting east and west. He has devoted himself to protecting traditonal Chinese culture. Now, Pacific Future is working with Kenneth on projects relating to the "One Belt One Road" Initiative. He participates in project scoping, design and documentation and is generally promoting AR use in tourism and urban science and technology initiatives.

Gao Xiang


Gao has a postdoctoral degree and is a tutor in computer science at Tsinghua University. He specialises in machine learning and Vision SLAM. He has published many theses on relevant topics and is an expert programmer in SDKs such as OpenCV and PCL.